Sister-brother team, Jennifer Corcoran as writer/director and Jonnie Corcoran as producer, created Circeo Films in 2011 with the aim to independently produce a cycle of dramatic feature films that explores our feminine nature.

It is the feminine within each of us – female, male or other – that connects us to all that is living. The beauty of our diversity can be celebrated only when we acknowledge that we are, integrally, all related. And in this collective, the voice of the feminine is still largely ignored.

The first film of the cycle, She Sings to the Stars distributed in 2017 by APL Films, questions what we believe to be ‘real’ and what is ‘possible’? What is sustaining and what is sustainable? How do we live with each other on the only planet we have? The Native American grandmother featured in the story speaks little but listens – and sings to the generosity and grace of place, living in relationship to all of it.

The second film in the cycle with a working title Am Ocean, is currently in development. Set in contemporary rural Ireland, it is a story of the entangled relationship between the ocean and a young woman whose livelihood depends upon it.  Faced with its collapse, she challenges our human complacency and asks: is this a time for revolution or a radical evolution?