The endless desert. A Native American grandmother lives alone tending her corn. Her half Mexican grandson and a white, aging magician are stranded. No water. A river of stars. Everything changes: anything is possible.

She Sings to the Stars (2016)

Mabel is a Native American grandmother who lives alone, tending her drought-ravaged corn in the desert Southwest. Her half-Mexican grandson, Third, dreams of ‘making it big’ in LA, but his plans change dramatically when he comes to his grandmother’s house to collect traditional dolls he hopes to sell for a high price. Lyle is a faded magician from LA traveling with a white rabbit, the promise of a gig and a life-long dream to be able to magically disappear. When his radiator boils over, he is stranded outside Mabel’s house. Both men must yield to a timeless rhythm and discover a capacity greater than imagined.

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Am Ocean (pre-production 2021)

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