What they’ve said…

“She Sings to the Stars is a unique, mesmerizing journey into the heart of spiritual cinema at its very best. Certainly the only film I have ever seen that combines motherly love, Mother Nature and a mother ship, the film sings to our hearts and souls and inspires us to look beyond the so-called reality around us into the eternal questions of who we are and why we are here…who we can be as human beings when we operate at our very best…that whatever we believe, that’s the magic…and that truly anything is possible.

I absolutely loved this movie!!!”

Stephen Simon, producer, including Academy Award – Best Feature, What Dreams May Come


She Sings to the Stars is an exploration of another culture, even an alternate universe, one at ease with the supernatural, living practically unnoticed next door to the modern American culture with which we’re all familiar, the two sometimes coexisting with difficulty within the same person. The story is told at the unhurried pace of that other culture.

The desert imagery is beautiful and beautifully photographed; it has the importance of another character. The two kinds of magic in the story work seamlessly.

It’s not an ordinary look at the world, but you may find the images and the vision coming back to mind well after you’ve finished watching. Watch on the biggest screen you can get at: in this movie, the size of the night sky matters.”

Sam Waterston, Actor 


“She Sings to the Stars is about magic, not the superficial magic of sleight-of-hand, but the real magic of life and understanding. It is a work of fine craftsmanship.

Absolutely striking, mesmerizing, moving – it’s really an experience. It takes time so you have to make the decision to be a part of it. You have to leave your impatience at the door and absorb the images and then let them rest.

I haven’t stopped talking about it since I first saw it – this is alluring cinema!”

– Don Cato, Artistic Director, Queens World Film Festival, New York


“Beautiful film, and how refreshing to see a non-white, non-young, non male main character.”

– Maria Popova, Brain Pickings about She Sings to the Stars


She Sings to the Stars is a poem in every frame.

It is like a foreign film – like an Antonioni or a Fellini of the 1960s and 1970s – it bears watching carefully and, as they say, mindfully – unlike most American films of the present era which seem all-too aggressive in telling you what they’re about and why they’re important, and which wouldn’t know a poem if it was to fall on their heads in the editing room.

Beautifully shot, beautifully performed, beautifully directed, and without a word of dialogue ‘de trop’.”

Ted Landreth, film producer Landreth Associates 


“A powerful exploration of human consciousness, an at-times-surreal exploration of the magic of the everyday world and an allegory for our era.”

– The Santa Fe New Mexican about She Sings to the Stars


She Sings to the Stars is a break-through film that blazes a new trail into the forests of consciousness.”

– John Perkins, founder of Dream Change & Pachamama Alliance


“It has been prophesized that the women will have the power to move and to be leaders and to bring people into the light.’ I love She Sings to the Stars because the grandmother in the movie lives in the moment, regardless of any distractions put upon her by daily life. Her passion is to take care of things in the best way she knows how. Grandma has her prayers. In her moments, she salutes, she connects with the holy ones according to her tradition. I love this movie.”

Grandmother Flordemayo, a Mayan Curandera Espiritu, founding member of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and founding Director and President of the Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge