Jennifer Corcoran


As a child, Jennifer fashioned a box to capture her dreams. With a hole in the top, shedding light on a blank piece of paper inside, she tied the box to her head when she went to sleep. She wished to bring the unrestricted realms of dreaming into the confines of our waking world. Writing and directing your own work is like trying to wake up within a dream. Since film making is a fluid, intuitive medium, it can be a place where waking and dreaming worlds merge.

In 2012, she was prompted by a vision to create a cycle of films about women – but specifically, to explore  feminine nature. It is the feminine within each of us – female, male or other – that connects us to all that is living. Our patriarchal cultures have separated us from our participation with Nature and the cycles of creation. Domination is unsustainable. As bearers of life, women have a natural capacity to nourish in the way we are all nourished by the Earth. The beauty of our diversity can be celebrated only when we acknowledge that we are all related. And in this collective, a feminine voice is still missing. A balance calls to be re-created.

With a BA and MFA in Directing for Theatre, Jennifer has worked on stage and documentaries, made super-8 shorts and as a literary editor. She home educated her three children. Having lived in several countries, in different languages, she has come to realize that the most powerful tool we have to create change is our imagination. (“Whatever you believe, that’s the magic”).

Together with her brother, She Sings to the Stars producer Jonnie Corcoran, she is currently developing the second film of the cycle which is set in contemporary Ireland.

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